Tips for Photo Contributors

Here are some helpful tips to give you some guidance for preparing and uploading your images to AgStockPhotos, as well as using your Contributor account.

NOTE: All images MUST be Agriculture related, taken in the United States or Canada, and high resolution (300 dpi) and a minimum of 4750 x 3150 pixels in dimension. You cannot enlarge images to meet this criteria as there will be too much quality loss, so images should be taken with a quality digital SLR camera. 

  • Our system sizes images in the following dimensions:
    • Small – 800 x 533
    • Medium – 1600 x 1067
    • Med/Large – 2500 x 1667
    • Large – 3500 x 2333 px
    • Ex. Large – 4750 x 3150 px
  • When editing your images, it’s best to not use a platform that is intended for online image use, such as Pic Monkey, for example. These sites may not retain your image resolution so that they meet our site specifications (above).
    If your images are not the full Extra Large size, they will be resized according to these dimensions. Therefore, if you upload an image that is 4500 x 3000 pixels, for example, it will only be offered at the Large size. We will approve most images at the Large size (no guarantees however), but images at this size will not sell for the full $5, thereby lowering your commissions, so we strongly encourage you to size your images appropriately.
  • Convert images to sRGB color mode before uploading to ensure color compatibility for buyers.
  • If you add images into a gallery, all the images must be VERY similar so that they fit into the same Collections. Images that don’t fit into a gallery will be deleted from the gallery, and therefore will not display on the site until you create another product for those images.
  • Please read the Contributor Terms of Use and take note of Copyright information as well as Model/Property release information.
  • Add image title and keywords to File Info within Photoshop or other editing program while preparing your images for uploading. This will save you time and steps instead of adding this info after your images have been uploaded. Keywords can include color, location, shapes, textures, etc. The more keywords you can add, the better chance of your image being returned in a search and purchased. If you weren’t able to add the keywords prior to uploading, you can either edit them in the Sell Media Product (hover over the image and click the pencil icon) or edit them in Media > Library.
  • Images should be uploaded as high resolution JPG images, unless they are files with a transparent background, which should be high resolution PNG images.
  • Please do not upload images that contain your watermark. AgStockPhotos will display our watermark on all your images for display purposes, however purchased images will not include this watermark. If your uploaded images contain a watermark, they will not be approved.
  • Set up your account at so that your profile image will display on the Contributors page. Your email address that is used for your contributor account must be associated with your account in order for your profile image to display. Putting a face to the name of the photographer goes a long way towards credibility for our site and towards promoting you as a photographer, so we appreciate you taking this extra step to complete your profile.
  • If you receive an email from us regarding any issues with your images, and those issues are not addressed within 7 days, your images and products will be removed from the site. This is to ensure conservation of resources, as well as providing a quality website experience and images to our customers.

Below is a quick video tutorial which explains how to log in to upload and manage your images.

Prior to uploading, please read the Description of Collections, so that you can more accurately assign your images to the appropriate Collection.

* Please note: If you upload your images, there is no guarantee that they will be approved. This is up to AgStockPhotos’ discretion. If your images are not approved for publication, you will be notified by email.

* Even though you have access to change the price, please do not set the price outside of our default pricing. Images that have pricing set outside of our default price will only be returned for that price, therefore not giving customers various size options. Image pricing is set within our system and any image that is set to different pricing will be edited by AgStockPhotos to reflect our default pricing.

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