Request to become an AgStockPhotos contributor!

If you would like to contribute your images to sell on AgStockPhotostm, please fill out the application below. Your application will be reviewed and if accepted, you will receive account log in information via your email.

While you do not need to be a professional photographer to apply, there are criteria for being accepted as a Contibutor:

  • You must be 18 years of age to apply.
  • Your images MUST be taken in the United States or Canada. At this time we are not accepting images from other countries, due to the vast differences in agriculture.
  • You must be shooting with a higher quality digital SLR camera (images taken with your cell phone will not be high enough resolution)
  • Have a basic understanding of photography and image resolution.
  • How to use software to edit your images and verify pixel dimensions and image resolution.
  • You MUST have an online portfolio available for us to view, and your portfolio MUST contain some images of agriculture.
    This does not have to be a website, but any online source. There are many free resources online to create a portfolio, such as SmugMug, Zenfolio, ViewBug, Flickr, etc. You can even use your Facebook business page if you have one set up (we will not accept personal Facebook profiles as a portfolio source). Because we are giving you access to our website, we must take steps to ensure that you are not someone wishing to cause mayhem on our site, and that you do in fact, take agricultural photos that you intend to upload. If I visit your portfolio, it must have agricultural images for me to view. If all that’s available to see is portraits and snapshots, it’s unlikely you will be approved.

We are looking for “real life” agriculture images, but they must still meet our specifications so that we can provide a quality product to our customers.

NOTE: All images MUST taken in the United States or Canada, be Agriculture related (landscapes, wildlife, florals, etc. might not be suitable for this site, unless they are in an obvious agricultural setting), high resolution (300 dpi) and a minimum of 4750 x 3150 pixels in dimension. You cannot “upsize” images to meet this criteria as there will be too much quality loss, so images should be taken with a quality digital SLR camera.

As an AgStockPhotostm contributor, you will receive a 30% commission whenever a buyer purchases one of your images. Images are sold for $1 – $5 for a Standard license and an Extended license can cost up to $100.00.

Please read > License Terms

Please read > Contributor Terms of Use

At this time, all commission payments are made through PayPal, so you will need to submit a valid PayPal account email address to associate with your account. All commission payments are made on the 15th of the month, for the previous calendar month and after the commission amount reaches $25.

NOTE: You must add to your whitelisted email domains. If your email account has any restrictions on it, such as a 2-factor spam verification, that requires additional steps by AgStockPhotos to send you an email, your account will be suspended, as we have no way to contact you via email which is our primary method of contact for Contributors.

To take high quality images for our customers, a digital SLR camera is necessary.