Description of Collections

As you’re uploading your images and assigning them to the appropriate Collections (or categories as they will also be called), please keep these guidelines in mind. While cross posting is encouraged, this can be overdone in an attempt to get your images seen, thereby putting images in a Collection that may not be entirely fitting and creating unnecessary duplication on the home page of the website. As a rule, images do not need to be in more than 2-4 collections. Users tend to search for specific images more than browse through collections, so keywords are more important.

We are looking for high quality photos of all facets of agriculture. While landscapes, wildlife and floral imagery are no doubt beautiful, those can be found on any stock image site, and this site is dedicated to agriculture.

Abstract/Artsy – Closeups, macros, shapes, etc. This is not a “catch-all” type of category, it is more intended for some images that may not fit in other categories. If your image only fits into this or the Scenic Rural Images collection, please consider if it is related to agriculture closely enough to be submitted on this site.

Barns – This speaks for itself. If there is not a barn in the image, please do not add it to this collection. Please have property releases, if needed.

Canada – Images that were taken in Canada, regardless of where the photographer is located.

Cattle – Images that contain cattle, whether dairy, beef, showing cattle in the background, etc. Images that pertain to cattle, however do not actually have any  livestock in the image, would not be suitable for this collection.

Cowboys & Cowgirls – These images must contain people in order to be in this collection. Please make sure you have model releases, if needed.

Crops – Anything growing in the dirt.

Dairy – Any images of dairy cattle or livestock, workers on a dairy, dairy equipment, dairy facilities, dairy production, or dairy life.

Design Elements – Similar to the Abstract/Arty category, however these images would often be modified by the end user and used in other designs. Elements might be isolated from the background of the original photograph so they could be used in another graphic or image. For example, a bowl of fruit on a kitchen table would not be a design element. The isolated bowl of fruit, or an isolated piece of fruit, would be a design element.

Equipment – Tractors, milking machines, cattle squeeze chutes, blacksmith anvil, any type of equipment that would be used in agriculture. Note: A barn is not a piece of equipment.

Farm & Ranch Life – Images that depict what living on the farm or ranch might be like, i.e. feeding livestock, mucking stalls, the BBQ after the branding, families on the farm, etc. These images will generally contain people doing different things on the farm, that are not actually farming or ranching, but depict farm and ranch life. Images of crops, rodeo, equipment, livestock, etc. would not fit into this category. This is not a catch-all category – please do not place all of your images in this category!

Farmers & Ranchers – Any image depicting an actual farmer or rancher, that does not fit into another collection for people (such as Cowboys and Cowgirls). These images should always have a person in them, so please obtain the necessary model releases. A photo of a tractor would not fit into this category unless you could see the individual inside.

Farmer’s Markets – Images of food in a Farmer’s Market setting.

Farming – Images of crops, tractors, people working in the fields, etc. This collection is for crops only, not cattle.

FFA/4H – Images pertaining to FFA & 4H events, daily activities, etc.

Teaching the younger generation

Food – Images of prepared food only, or a crop in its final state, such as fruit. That delicious steak on the grill, the sliced tomatoes, the ear of corn with butter dripping over the sides. If you cannot eat it in the form depicted in the photograph, please do not place in this collection. A photo of a stalk of grain is not yet food, so please do not include it in this category.

Food ProductionImages pertaining to the final production of food. Images would most likely be after harvest, i.e. pistachios in the roasting machine, a beef processing plant. Can also include harvest images. Images of crops and tractors themselves would not belong in this category.

No sample image available.

Horses – Any image containing a horse or horses. Horse tack could also fit into this category, as could it fit into the Equipment category.

Livestock – Cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, pigs, etc. Horses would not generally fit into this category, unless they are working livestock in the image. Please do not put livestock equipment into this collection.

People in Ag – Images depicting people on the farm or ranch, that do not fit into another collection for people (such as Cowboys and Cowgirls or Farmers and Ranchers). Images that do not contain any people should not be added to this Collection.

Pets on the Farm – Barn cats, dogs that travel with you on the farm, the family’s pot bellied pig, etc. Horses would not generally fit into this category, unless they are minis possibly.

Poultry – Chickens, turkey, eggs, anything to do with poultry.


Ranching – Primarily for photos of livestock ranching, not farming or raising crops. Can include anything pertaining to ranching itself, or the people performing their jobs on a ranch. Images should be taken on a ranch. Rodeo images would not go into this collection.

Rodeo – Any images taken at, or having do with, the sport of rodeo.


Rustic – Any image that contains something rustic; old equipment, rustic textures, old fences, etc.

Scenic Rural Images – Images of vast farmland, country roads, farmhouses, fence lines, etc. Would include more landscape-type images, in an agricultural setting. Typically crops themselves would not fit into this category. Wildflowers, generic landscape scenes, birds, etc., are generally left for more generic stock image sites, so that our site can be specific to agriculture. While it would seem simple to add almost every image to this Collection, please only add the more scenic agricultural images here. If your image only fits into this or the Abstract/Artsy collection, please consider if it is related to agriculture closely enough to be submitted on this site.

Textures – Textures seen around the farm or ranch; metal, wood, leather, dirt, etc.

Western Life – Images depicting the western way of life.

Working Dogs – Dogs that earn their living on the ranch; stock dogs, livestock guardian dogs, etc. Your family chihuahua would probably not fit into this category 🙂