Theresa SheridanAgStockPhotostm is the brain child of Theresa Sheridan, CEO and Creative Director of Theresa Sheridan Designs, a website and graphic design firm in Lewiston, Idaho.

Theresa Sheridan Designs specializes in web, print and marketing for agricultural and equestrian based businesses, and it was her frustration with finding relevant agricultural photos on the internet that inspired her to start up a stock image website specializing in just agricultural based images. While some images worked fine for her needs, a good majority were clearly from other countries and just didn’t seem to fit that well. After polling some friends and acquaintances on social media, the decision was made to start AgStockPhotostm.

It is her hope that AgStockPhotostm will be able to provide high quality, and highly relevant, agriculture and equestrian based images to those with similar needs.

If you are a photographer, amateur or professional, and would like to submit your images, please visit the Sell Your Images page to fill out the online application request form.